Here are displayed all the Big Local SW11 videos starting by the most recent ones.

October 2019: Big Local SW11, Our Story

June 2019: Falcon Road Festival 2019 “Battersea together”

May 2019: Updated Falcon Road Festival Trailer with Date

January 2019: The Alliance Big Local SW11 Video Explainer

October 2018: Trailer for Falcon Road Festival 2019

July 2018: Falcon Road Festival 2018 “Celebrating Families & Building communities”

June 2018: Free2B Alliance Promo Video (community training funded by Big Local Small Grant 2018)

July 2017: Falcon Road Festival 2017 “Promoting health & wellbeing”

June 2016: Falcon Road Heritage Festival 2016


June 2015: Inter-generational BBQ with Elvis


June 2015: “Battersea Odyssey” trailer

Battersea Odyssey is a show based on the stories of the people of Battersea. This project was the one of the winner of the Big Local SW11 small grants. This is a small trailer of the show.


August 2014: “SW11, Our Hometown”
GCSE SUCCESS Summer film Project funded by Big Local SW11 small Grant


March 2013: Video of our consultation event at the York Garden library  by Sheila Marshall.

March 2013: Big Local SW11 Fun Day and consultation in Sacred Heart School by Sandra Munoz-Alvarez

June 2012: Big Local SW11 Visioning Event Video by Sandra Munoz-Alvarez

May 2012: Big Local SW11 Visioning Event Promo Video by Sandra Munoz-Alvarez

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