Battersea Alliance (also known as The Alliance or The Alliance BLSW11) is a partnership of six voluntary sector organisations working to create investment in Battersea that builds a long-lasting community, where people feel they belong and can access opportunities to live their best lives.

The organisations that make-up the Alliance are: Big Local SW11, Providence House, St Peter’s Church, Katherine Low Settlement, Carney’s’ Community & Caius House.


When people are feel isolated and lonely this can often take a toll on their wellbeing and mental health. In turn this can impact negatively on how people live their lives and lead to longer-term health conditions.

The Battersea Alliance want to work with local partners to create a multimillion pound Battersea Community Investment Fund. The Alliance currently works with Battersea-based organisations in the community voluntary sector under the umbrella of Battersea Together.

This will fund will be designed to support local community organisations and projects that focus their work on improving outcomes and the lives of the people of Battersea over the next 10 years.

The focus of the Alliance’s work will be creating a community where people feel they belong with them aim of improving the physical and mental health of everyone in Battersea.

The Alliance will continue the work of the Big Local SW11 started in the community as BLSW11 were funded for 10 years and that time comes to an end in 2025.

How do we make a difference?


  • Tackled isolation, loneliness and mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression
  • Ensured sustainable support for vulnerable people
  • Provided long-term employment and volunteering opportunities
  • Promoted equity, address discrimination and institutional racism
  • Enabled better enhanced partnership working to develop skills transfer, manage community spaces; making the best use of technology; recognising and reward community volunteering
  • Secured the London Living Wage for residents across Battersea


Here's a snapshot what the Battersea Alliance has achieved so far.

Battersea Youth Voice

Developed ‘Battersea Youth Voice’: a youth-driven community development programme for Battersea.

Battersea Volunteers

Developed ‘Battersea Volunteers’: a volunteer development programme for Battersea.

Youth Battersea

Developed ‘Youth Battersea’ partnership that provided a co-ordinated and multi-organisational support package to some of the most challenging young people in Battersea which included activities, services and programmes during term-time and holidays.

Community and Belonging Forum

The Alliance in Collaboration with the Community Belonging Forum supported 15 pilot projects that helped over 500 local people to address their feelings of isolation and loneliness as well as the mental health challenges they were experiencing.

Community Events

Held successful in-person events to reconnect over 700+ local people and organisations after the pandemic e.g. ‘Battersea Together’, ‘Your Vote Counts’, ‘Battersea Jubilee Festival’ and various Volunteer Fairs and events.



There’s always something going on that residents of SW11 and the Battersea area can get involved with. Have a look at the events calendar to see what’s going on in your local area. Or feel free to come along to our community and belonging forum to see what great new projects your neighbours are creating. Can’t find what you are looking for on the website - then contact us to find out more.