Big Local Small Grant Award 2016

Your Big Local SW11 Small Grants programme offer support to individuals or community organisations in the area who have an idea for a project that could help to deliver the Big Local SW11 vision

“as residents and workers we have a long term vision of our community as a place where”

  1. Everyone has the opportunity and confidence to widen their horizons and to maximise their potential for learning, working and achieving (Achieving & Potential)
  2. A community where everyone feels safe and that they belong (Safety & well-being)
  3. Where everyone can have a voice, shape their future and influence the design of space and services in a way that develops ownership (Influence & ownership)
  4. We all have the opportunity to meet and interact across the wider community, to learn and belong (Community & belonging)

You want to make a difference in Big Local SW11? You have an idea? You’re passionate about making this happen? You’d like some support to help you deliver it? Then apply to our small grant programme if your project could deliver improvement in Big Local SW11

You should apply and let us know your idea, as all applications are considered on the basis of whether they could deliver on our vision

All you need to do is download our Big Local SW11 Small Grant 2016 Application form here or request it by phone or email.

Completed applications must be received by 2pm on Thursday, 12th May 2016

WoW Art Class Pictures & Review

The WoW international project that Big Local support is still going strong and the creations of this artistic project will be displayed at the Magic Garden in May for the Wandsworth art Festival.

Last Saturday, WoW mums organised an art class for the residents of Haven Lodge, the mums and the children with Mel Barry, a local artist. As part of linking the community and opening our sessions to more people, we also invited Donna and the 55+ residents of Kambala Estate.

The day started by a small lunch prepared by Wow Mums Senia and Syeda. In case you didn’t know, Syeda makes the best sandwiches of the entire Battersea.

The children had prepared a card and some flowers to say thank you to Joan, for the toys she gave them at our last session.

Everyone enjoyed lunch, even the little dogs.

Mel started the session by doing some warming up exercises that included listening some music and drawing a feeling, and looking at some photographs and reproduce them in our own style in few minutes.

The art we produced had a community message in it, and those photos below are some examples of the things we did. We are not showing them all, as you will have to come to see them exposed for the Wandsworth art festival. We had to talk and explain our message to everyone.


Time for a well deserved cake and catch up with the residents. It was a good opportunity for Donna from Kambala Estate RA to talk to the pensioners to join KERA now than Haven Lodge RA has been fold.

Intergenerational Art Class next Saturday

Wow Mums is organising an intergenerational art class next Saturday with the residents of Haven Lodge. This event is sponsored by Big Local SW11 and the National Health Trust.

The art produced on the day by 3 generations will be exposed at the Magic Garden in Battersea, for the Wandsworth Art Festival.

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“Battersea Together” follow up

Battersea Together – Big Local Community Network Event
(25th February 2016, York Garden’s Library, attended by 45 people from 31 organisations.)
Thank you so much for taking time to attend this event, which provided all of us with an opportunity to get to know much more about what we are doing to address some of the key issues in SW11.
Feedback from the session has been very positive and we are keen to build on the outcomes to further explore where we may be able to work together.
The results of the voting on key themes/issues were:
(Top issues/solutions etc marked in red)
Safety & wellbeing

  • Mental health  (5*)
  • Lack of free amenities
  • Isolation (2*)
  • Negative perceptions – distrust and suspicion (2*)
  • People don’t take responsibility for themselves or their community – ‘them lot’ attitude, no thought to get involved and change things (1*)
  • Pollution and access to green spaces is poor
  • Dog mess a problem (1*)
  • Reputation is a concern for wellbeing
  • People feel excluded (1*)
  • Housing stability poor (1*)
  • Lack of trust in authorities (1*)

What can be done?

  • More free groups and facilities (6*)
  • Sharing positive news to change perceptions (5*)
  • Community workers/volunteers for home visits (2*)
  • Early intervention – preventative measures (2*)
  • Inspire people to take responsibility (4*)
  • Creating opportunities for people to come together/get to know each other – bond over common interests that bring people together – e.g. dogs, babies) (4*)
  • Connections between business, community groups and individuals (4*)

Community & Belonging
Ways to combat negative effects of the regeneration

  • Listen to local people – community voice – confidence they will be heard (10*)
  • Make housing affordable – need a strategy for regeneration across Battersea – community land trusts like tower hamlets (7*)
  • Multicultural days to celebrate diversity (5*)
  • Build community (3*)
  • Lack of trust in council (1*)
  • Houses for life (5*)
  • Tunnel – lobby for change (5*)

Where is there a strong sense of community? Within the organisations present today.
Positives of the area

  • Location
  • Cultural connections
  • Battersea Power station

Influence and citizenship
What is to be done?

  • Listening – making sure each voice counts (6*)
  • Consultation not presentation (6*)
  • Inclusion – appropriate venues for young and old – language/communication (5*)
  • Who are the decision makers?
  • Making meetings more accessible
  • Speed dating with councillors (4*)
  • Easy in access to decision makers (4*)
  • Coffee mornings (1*)
  • Deputation to council (2*)
  • Citizenship classes in schools
  • Share information
  • Listening to community (4*)
  • Opportunities for interaction (2*)
  • Networking – skills and expertise (2*)
  • Support low risk takers: inspiring speakers etc (2*)

Achieving & Potential

  • Confidence (4*)
  • Funding (4*)
  • Education (1*)
  • Connections
  • Problem of perception
  • Low self esteem (3*)
  • Mindset (2*)

What is to be done?

  • Mentoring – role models – local people – create community and belonging (7*)
  • Business supporting community (5*)
  • Personal development plans  (1*)
  • Education – broader (3*)
  • Listening – expand experience (1*)
  • Build relationships (2*)

Who needs support?

  • People with mental health conditions (2*)
  • Excluded young people
  • Older people (1*)

The Next Steps

These results are being sent to all the organisations that attended the Battersea Together event.

They will also be presented to the Big Local SW11 Partnership Executive Committee (PEC) on the 17th of March 2016.

We are hoping that we will be able to work with you to bring solutions to some of the issues identified.If there are areas/themes you would be interested to work with us on please respond to this email directly or visit the Survey Monkey and completing the online questions at


Helen Taylor (Lead on Building Futures)

Robert Musgrave (Chair Big Local SW11)

First draft of the Falcon Road Heritage festival map

We are starting to plan ahead the Falcon Road heritage with some of the key members of our local community.

This is a draft sketch of the festival plan… it is only a draft and might be amended

Robert Musgrave, Chair of Big Local chairing the meeting

Mikey, Chair of Falcon Estate RA, Donna Barham, Chair of Kambala RA and Lorinda, Wandsworth town centre Manager.

Este Road Fireman Nick

Battersea Together in Pictures

Robert Musgrave (Chair of Big Local SW11) kicked off the event by introducing over 38 people to the history and aims of the resident led organisation.

York Gardens main hall was just big enough for the event!

Most of those attending were from local community organisations

One measure of close attention – no mobiles or ipads in sight!

Get ready to throw your paper plane…

Time to pick up a plane and find who is his owner…with only one fact about that person written on it…. That was a very nice team bonding exercise organised by David Stone.


Marlene (Big Local SW11 member) looking very serious! 

Tessa (Big Local SW11) and Donna (Chair, Kambala Residents Association) enjoyed a smoothie! 

Baby Nate reading Big Local SW11 plans!

Esther from Providence House and Aaron from Katherine Low Settlement amongst other members from Local youth organisations

Councillor Wendy Speck (Big Local SW11) with Tameka from Caius House and Rosemary from Battersea Summer Scheme

Senia (WoW and Big Local SW11) and Stephen (Head teacher and Big Local SW11 lead on communications)…

Helen (Big Local SW11 leading on our Building Futures programme) writing up the summary of our discussions on a core Big Local SW11 theme ‘Safety and Wellbeing’…..