Squash Squared , a local project run by Sacred Heart Primary School

Big Local SW11 is delighted to have awarded a small grant to Math & Squash

Squash Squared Mission statement :

“Squash Squared is dedicated to addressing disadvantage faced by motivated  London youth by using squash and extra curricular academic tutoring to give every individual the same opportunity to enjoy their lives, learn and fulfil their potential “

Founded in 2015 and the first of its kind in the UK, Squash Squared is registered charity which provides selected, deserving primary school children with after-school extra curricular tutoring and introduces them to the sport of squash.

History of Urban Squash

Originating in Boston in 2006, the innovation of connecting squash with education as ‘Urban
Squash’ has now produced 17 programmes operating across America, currently supporting 1500 disadvantaged children from 8yr olds through to high school.
The results are impressive, with 97% of them then graduating from high school and going on to college.


Since 2015 Sacred Heart Primary School in Battersea, have been piloting the UK’s first version of the American Urban Squash model – a Squash & Maths programme – initiating a partnership with South London’s prestigious Wimbledon Club and its squash director Stacey Ross.
The programme involved a group of up to 25 pupils being escorted to the Club twice a week after school. They were then split into two simultaneously operating sessions: one group
learning/playing squash, while the others did maths.
After an hour they would swap over.

Check this film about them made by Sandra Munoz for Keepsake Videos, a local filmmaker

Find more about Squash Squared on their website