September 2013 Update

A brilliant July evening at York Library and York Gardens itself, bristling with people of every age, and from all over Battersea, capped a full year of BigLocalSW11 activities.

With young people performing, from Falconbrook Primary School Steel Band and from Cauis House Youth Club, and local DJ’s keeping up the musical background throughout the evening, there were plenty of activities to observe or participate in, from athletics coaching run by Battersea athlete, Birhan Dagne, to children’s football organised by Providence House and St Peter’s; from the ever popular smoothie bike to Tony Hersey’s even more popular candy floss machine. WOW mums and BigLocal committee members were busy with non-stop face painting, while York Library main hall was filled with local community groups advertising their services. Burgers supplied by local tradesmen, D.Brown, teas by Battersea Chapel kept people re-fuelled, the return of the storyteller entertained children and parents, and the bouncy castle occupied the energetic.

BigLocal committee members and volunteers held lively focus groups during the early evening or took the discussion out to impromptu groups of people in the park to elicit the broad range of views about improving our BigLocal area. In tandem with our busy consultation, Wandsworth Council planning group held non-stop discussions about the local regeneration plans.

It has been just over a year now since the inaugural visioning event took place, and we first began to debate how a millions pounds could help our area.

So what has happened since? A Planning Group was fairly quickly established, made up of local residents and community workers. And questionnaires, community events around the area, a community audit, public meetings, school assemblies have all run on one after the other to record, gauge and analyse local opinion. In the summer set up a Quick Wins Grants Panel and were able to award small amounts to several local projects, with some success. We have a logo, a website and facebook page, and a representative and hardworking Planning Committee. But where do we go from here?

We have identified 6 key areas where people want to see improvements:  Supporting Families, Supporting older people and intergenerational activities, Opportunities for People with disability, Improving Physical Spaces,   Improving Opportunities for Young People &  Employment, Training and Opportunities for Volunteering.

Over the autumn we will hold focus groups to explore these issues and come up with plans for spending the money.

Over the autumn we will put together a partnership that can deliver on these promises.

Over the autumn we will hold public meetings to discuss and approve the plans.

And most importantly, if you live or work or study in BigLocalSW11, we want your input.

So please get in touch

Robert Musgrave


March Update: Moving on

Big Local SW11 is getting out and about. We are looking for your ideas for your area.We want to know how you would spend a million pounds to make a difference.Check out our website to see the ideas that have come out so far, and register your opinion and your ideas

Over the next few weeks we will be circulating 1000s of questionnaires, so please fill one in and return it at one of the events in the letterboxes provided or to Providence House in Falcon Road.

Join us at one of the following events to enjoy yourself and express your views:

* Saturday 2nd March for a fun day at Sacred Heart School, Este Road from 12 – 3pm

* Wednesday 13th March for a lively discussion at Battersea Sports Centre, Hope Street at 6.30pm

* Saturday 16th March for a coffee morning at Battersea Chapel, Wye Street 11am – 1pm

* & for a fun day in York Gardens from 1-4pm

* Saturday 18th May for an open day in Battersea High Street

If you go to school in the area, watch out because we may come visiting soon!

If you want to take a more active part, come to our next Stakeholders Meeting on Wednesday 20th March 6.30pm at Battersea Chapel

If you have a good idea for using funds, we will soon be starting up a Taster grants scheme as a way of testing out good ideas

Above all keep in touch with us! Contact: telephone 020 7228 0433 Email: [email protected] Website: www.biglocalsw11.co.uk

Registered address BigLocalSW11, Providence House 138 Falcon Road London SW11 2LW

January Update: We are at last Getting Started – well, almost!

Following the early flurry of activities this summer in York Gardens and other places, the wheels of organisation have now slowly begun to move. After several meetings with a hardy group of interested people, we created two planning groups to drive ahead the organisation of BigLocalSW11: a group of up to about 40 local people to meet and give their opinions – the Stakeholder Consultation Group – a smaller committee of about 15 local residents and local workers – the Core Planning Group.

Although from the early enthusiasm people may have hoped that the £1million pounds would speedily descend on our part of Battersea, that is not the first task that big lottery (The Local Trust) set us. The first job we were given has been to work out a plan of how we can consult with as many people as possible living and working between Wandsworth Roundabout in the west and Culvert Road in the east, and between the railway line in the south and Battersea Park-York Road in the north, with a little sector beyond that stretching from Badric Court to Trott Street and Shuttleworth Road. And then to develop together the ideas to spend the money on over the next few years.

This process is going to take about 8 months!

But we’ve got completed the first task – to get together an application to The Local Trust, asking for £20,000 to fund the next the consultation process.

This is our plan:

* Following on from the Visioning day in York Gardens in summer 2012, we will organise four further events to run between December 2012 and March 2013 and take place in different parts of BigLocalSW11 to raise the profile, further consult & have fun, to gather and develop ideas. So look out for an event near you!

* To organise consultation events in local schools, with youth groups, and older person’s groups, with residents and any group where we can hear their voice about BigLocalSW11.

* To develop a growing profile of our locality, its varied character and make up, its needs and aspirations and feed this into ideas for the future.

* To get the message of BigLocalSW11 out using every modern media, DVD, newsletters, twitter, facebook and our own local website, which we hope to be online around Christmas. Look out for www.biglocalsw11.co.uk

* We will start to organise small taster activities and pilot projects in the community and run a mini grants scheme to test out ideas, and encourage individuals and community organisations to get involved.

The Timescale:

We hope with your help to gather all this information together by May 2013, have a big local event in June to present it all, and by September come up with a plan to reflect how our community wishes to spend £1million over 10 years to improve our locality.

Once the website is up and running we will have email and telephone contacts available so we can share the ideas better. In January 2013 we hope to hold our first big meeting. Look out for information. See you then!

Robert Musgrave MBE, Chair of BigLocalSW11

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