Stage 3 – Creating a local partnership to deliver Big Local in the area

Once community visions have been collected from a wide range of people in the community the next stage is to create a local partnership. The role of the local partnership will be to support inclusive and continuous community participation with a diverse range of organisations and community members. The local partnership will include a representative mix of residents and representatives of local agencies with the best skill set to meet the needs of the local area. The local partnership will be majority resident in membership. Membership of the local partnership will change over time in response to local needs and it will be reviewed at least annually.

Big Local SW11 is now half way from completed Stage 3 . We plan to complete Stage by Summer 2013.

So far, the core group role and responsabilities have been voted and allocated.
They will be reviewed in 2013.

Chair: Robert Musgrave
Vice chair: Tessa Strickland
Treasurer: Syeda Islam

Older Persons – Mac Downes
Youth – Charlene Brown supported by Daren McCoy
Community – Senia Dedic supported by Sarah Rackham
Faith – Andrew Beech
Business: Daren McCoy
Schools –Stephen Holsgrove
Communications, Facebook and Website – Sandra Munoz-Alvarez supported by Helen Taylor

Area representatives:
North – Tessa Strickland
East – Senia Dedic
West – Andrew Beech

To find more information about our core members, click on the Core Members Page

We now need to establish the Big Local SW11 partnership to complete stage 3.

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