Quick Wins Grants – September 2013 Review

Quick Wins Grants – September 2013 Review

St Peter’s

The quick wins grant helped us greatly.  It allowed us to buy new equipment for our youth club and community football outreach.  The local young people are now able to play table tennis with rackets which aren’t falling apart, play pool with 2 pool Q’s instead of one and the keeper’s at our football outreach now have goalie gloves.  The new footballs, 5 aside goals and all the other equipment we were able to buy as a result of the grant has ensured that the local young people are able to enjoy themselves even more.

 Many thanks

Isaac Ameyaw

Youth Pastor


Fitness in the Park    

BigLocal Quick Wins Grant was very help full to those who attended the activities regularly in the area. Some children and parents were able to enjoy the field activities. I had distributed leaflets with the date, time and place every week schedules to the targeted areas and in person promotion as well. The first few weeks the session was conducted once per week after school. Usually Wednesday evening in the Thames River area just next to Battersea Heliport. After school closure the session was conducted every Thursday from 10am mostly at the place commonly called Banana Park. Although because of the holiday many people were away those who were around were coming regularly and did different activities including running, jogging, different sport games etc, etc. The feedback I get from the attendees was very encouraging. The kids were very happy when they train and make competition with their mums. Some want to keep doing to reduce weight and some are feeling healthy and happy. Overall I am very happy and I feel the initial target is met successfully. I look forward to continue similar activities for the people in the area and my target is to encourage more people to come and join and use efficiently this advantage specially young children and parents. The program is still on on Wednesday evening for both group and Thursday from 09:10 for mums at Banana Park. 

Kind Regards,

Birhan Dagne –


Pennethorne Games Room

So the young people of Pennethorne decided they would like paint paper arts and crafts and lego with their money. The parents are now more motivated about helping improve where they live and meeting more regular. The kids can express themselves with the arts and crafts and can supervise themselves with the lego which can always be built into something new while the parents plan new activities. We can now also focus on reaching other groups like elderly and so on thank you so much for the grant and to Marlene for presenting it
Andrew beech


Women of Wandsworth Enterprise Club

Women of Wandsworth are very grateful for the small Quick win grant to support our regular monthly Enterprise club.
The funds have helped us deliver four workshops to improve the possibility for the local women and other residents to start their small businesses as a way of getting of the benefits.
1. Mrs. Sharon Mclean delivered the Business Plan Writing Workshop, where we made our own S.W.A.T and S.W.A.I.N analysis before starting the small business, as well as got crucial information on how to set our business targets and how the Business Plan can help us with this.
2. Next one was Importance of Branding Workshop, where we have learnt about the power of establishing yourself at the market and bringing the customers in and keeping them.
3. Mr. Ben Richardson from Wandsworth Groundwork informed us on how to set up a charity by delivering a workshop on how to do this properly including how to register with the Charity Commission.
4. Crucial workshop on Tax Return and NI contributions obligations taught us how to be a responsible entrepreneur.

There is a need for more workshops of this kind in Big Local SW11 area to help with the employability

Our next Enterprise Club workshop is on Friday, 11th October 2013 from 11am – 1pm in Pennethorne House with Jane Ellison MP.
Basic refreshments will be provided.
Everyone welcome.

With best regards,

Senia Dedic
Women of Wandsworth Founder and Chair

Intergenerational project

The project was designed to bring the senior citizens of the locality and some of the youth together to look at the ways in which things have changed over their generations of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Most of the senior citizens are based in the homes in the locality.

These homes were John Kirk House-Doris Emmerton – Homeleigh Court & Haven Lodge. We also had people from the Doddington Estate area / Life tabernacle Church – Heathbrook / St Rule Street further east.

On Tuesday the take up was pretty low as the weather had made a few of the OAP’s to withdraw from the trip.  The trip was to Hampton Court and those who attended got extremely wet on this most miserable of days.  That being said all who did attend enjoyed all the facts and historical about the Palace. We did not get to see the Maze but did see some live medieval cooking.

On the Wednesday we took a trip to Greenwich to see the museums – but alas the boat/s broke down and we had to wait for 40 minutes to be transferred to another one at this point the young people were helping the senior citizens and chatting generally.

When we finally hit shore – we looked at the market and Cutty Sark, the museums and had some lunch. We all had a great chat about the world and how we as different people saw the changes.

Finally we went to Kew Gardens and people wandered around and saw all the lovely plants and flowers on show. Was the trip a success?  Ask the senior citizens and young people and they would all categorically say yes!

The objective was to get the young people and the senior citizens interacting. The money donated helped us to ensure that the senior citizens enjoyed the days out.




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