Stage 2 – Exploring community visions for the future of the area

This stage is about thinking about and discussing how the area might change for the better in the future. What do people like about the area? What do people want to change? What would people like to build on? A wide range of community members and groups should be engaged about their views and wishes for the area. This could include young people, elderly, community groups, residents, black and minority ethnic residents or groups or faith groups. It could also include local businesses, the Local Authority and statutory services. At this stage, not everyone’s vision will be the same and the idea is not to arrive at a shared community vision yet but to engage a wide range of people and groups about their hopes for the future of the area.

Big Local SW11 has nearly completed Stage 2 by organising and delivering a succesful visioning event with the local residents, schools and organisations.Here is the video of our Visioning event:

Like stage 1, stage 2 is still a work in progress as we want to keep on spreading the word and get more people involved. More events will be organised in different part of the patch over the next 8 months.

Big Local SW11 is now halfway between stage 2 and stage 3

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