Stage 1 – Getting people involved and understanding how Big Local will work with your area

The first stage is to spread the word about Big Local and make sure local people know how they can get involved. This might include creating marketing and publicity material about Big Local, creating networks of community members to spread the word about Big Local, identifying initiatives that have worked before in the area and identifying individuals and organisations who might be interested in playing a role in Big Local.


Senia from the WoW Mums holding the Big Local SW11 map in one of the first public consultation in the patch

Big Local SW11 has succesfully completed Stage 1, having canvassing the patch to spread the word about the Big Local project in our area. As a result we formed a Stakeholder group and Core member group for Big Local SW11.

However, Stage 1 is an ongoing stage as we are still open to get more local residents, businesses and organisation to join us as we continue to evolve and strive.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to be involved and be part of Big Local SW11. You can find different ways to do so on our Contact Us Page

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