Focus Groups

Note of Focus Groups

Having talked with lots of people and analysed hundreds of questionnaires, several themes that highlight local needs in our BigLocalSW11 area keep recurring.

We want to spend the next few weeks focussing on these issues and come up with plans for spending money to make a difference.

We have identified 6 key areas where people want to see improvements:  Supporting Families, Supporting older people and intergenerational activities, Opportunities for People with disability, Improving Physical Spaces,   Improving Opportunities for Young People &  Employment, Training and Opportunities for Volunteering.

Over the autumn we will hold focus groups to explore these issues and come up with plans for spending the money.


On website pages we will advertise where and when focus groups take place, and who will be leading them.

Please register your interest by emailing  [email protected] , or by telephone 0207 228 0433.

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