Eligibility & Criteria

This list includes the criteria for your project to be considered as well as who can be eligible to apply:

  1. Priority is given to applications from individuals or community organisations or businesses in the BLSW11 geographical area (see map on website: here) that are to benefit residents in BLSW11


  1. Projects from individuals or community organisations or businesses will only be considered for activities that can demonstrate that are to benefit residents in BLSW11.


  1. Priority will be given to projects that most match BLSW11 vision and values.


  1. Projects for this round of funding must be completed by 30th September 2016.


  1. Projects that have previously applied to BLSW11 grants are welcome to apply again, but projects previously awarded but not completed will not be considered.


  1. Each successful project will be required to sign a grant acceptance form, and BLSW11 will require progress reports for the successful projects, and information from these may be used on our website.


  1. Each project will be responsible for supplying their own insurance cover if required.


  1. BLSW11 is supplying funding for your project but will accept no liability for any damages or costs incurred by or for your project.


  1. Funding may include volunteer and staff costs, but not for:


(a) activities they undertake as part of their normal employment that are not related to the


(b) items that mainly benefit individuals (eg equipment that is not shared);

(c) political or religious activities;

(d) projects or activities that there is a mandatory obligation to provide; and

(e) VAT that can be recovered for general running costs not associated with the delivery of

the project.


There is a total grant pot of £6,000. The maximum grant award for a project is up to £1,000