Covid-19 Battersea Community Support Fund

Battersea Together!

The Big Local SW11 Alliance community partnership is launching a fund directed at supporting local groups and organisations in Battersea in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fund will enable groups to better support and protect local volunteers; provide services and supplies to the most vulnerable and those that may not be in touch with other agencies or statutory services. We aim to invite others to contribute to the fund.

Access to the fund had been made as simple as possible by email.

A BLSW11 Alliance panel will decide applications on a case-by-case basis.

This community partnership aims to work alongside other organisations delivering Covid-19 support in Battersea.

Further Details

The Big Local SW11 Alliance is a community partnership of Big Local SW11, Katherine Low Settlement, Caius House, Carney’s Community, Providence House and St Peters Church

To Download the Application form (Sorry the Application form is currently being updated)

If you have questions about this Fund please email to: [email protected]

Coronavirus support flies in to Battersea

New local initiative to help disadvantaged and elderly (Battersea-March 24, 2020)

A valuable new service called ‘Battersea Corona Virus Angels’ has been launched today by three prominent local institutions in Battersea. Staffed by volunteers, the service aims to help vulnerable, self-isolating and elderly people in Battersea and the wider Wandsworth area cope with the restrictions and hardships imposed by the Corona (COVID-19) Virus.

Katherine Low Settlement (KLS), the long-established and well-respected community services charity based in Battersea, is actively supporting the idea developed by two leading churches in the area, St Mary’s Church of England and Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church. The initiative has additional help from the Battersea Society and Battersea United Charities.

Aaron Barbour, Director of KLS, says: “Battersea Corona Virus Angels is a very important local response to a worrisome emergency threatening so many disadvantaged and elderly people in our community. KLS is proud to be part of this local response. We are contributing our resources, ensuring something good comes out of this emergency, both now and after. We hope it will be a community benefit that can also be sustained once the crisis is over.”

The service will put people who are self-isolating, vulnerable or elderly in touch with volunteers who can help them in practical ways over the coming weeks and months of the emergency. Besides 10,000 leaflets being distributed throughout Battersea, an enquirer may simply call a mobile phone number – 07394 856 557 – or email – [email protected] – and a trusted volunteer will be assigned to help.

Assistance on offer includes shopping, dog walking, collecting medical prescriptions, receiving a friendship call, and other tasks made hard to do by those confined or restricted as a result of the Corona Virus crisis.

Anyone able to act as a volunteer is invited to contact Battersea Corona Virus Angels using the telephone or email shown above, or through the contacts listed below.

About Katherine Low Settlement

Katherine Low Settlement (KLS) is a much-loved and busy charity that has been at the heart of the community in Battersea, South West London, since 1924.

With a few staff and a lot of volunteers, KLS runs a range of its own popular community projects. The charity supports children, young people and their families, older people and refugees and newly arrived communities.

The KLS building in Battersea High Street is used for community activities and events, usually and until COVID-19, by over 500 people a week, and its rooms are available for hire at affordable rates. KLS is grateful for the funding received from supporters, trusts and foundations to enable the charity to continue to reduce poverty and isolation and bring Battersea together.

Press contacts

Aaron Barbour


Katherine Low Settlement

Telephone: 020 7223 2845.

Email: [email protected]



Mark Mitchell

Email: [email protected]

Mobile phone: 07973 539 738 (not for publishing)

Falcon Rd Festival & Battersea Together Event Postponed

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Falcon Road Festival planned for the 4th of July and the Battersea Together Event arranged for the 27th April are postponed. Alternatives are under consideration!

For information about what help and volunteering are getting organised in our area check our facebook page

Another very good place to find information is:



Coronavirus support groups in our area

A lot of of people and help groups are forming in our area to help our members of our community who are at risk or affected by the COVID19.

A group called Battersea Mutual Aid is trying to link all those groups together. Their Facebook page is and there is already a lot of helpful advice on it.

Just to update everyone on where we they are at the moment, I have posted a map showing all the local groups that have been set up so far (as 17th of March)

As you can see, they need more volunteers to coordinate local groups so all neighbourhoods are covered.

If your area isn’t covered on the map, please drop them an email with your postcode and they will send you details on how to set up the Whatsapp group ([email protected]).

Battersea Belonging Together Event

Battersea Belonging Together Event

Where: Kambala Community Centre,126, Fawcett Close, Clapham, SWW1 2LU, London,
When: 27th April, 2020 at 10:00am

“BLSW11 and the Alliance share an aim to tackle Loneliness, Isolation, Depression and Anxiety in Battersea by developing measures that bring people together, of all ages, from all parts of our community. We are in the process of mobilising volunteers and young people through the employment of a jointly funded Volunteer Coordinator and a Youth Development Worker.

We now want to engage with organisations and community groups that may share this aim to explore ways of working together.

A report commissioned by BLSW11 into the extent and range of issues related to loneliness and isolation has just been produced and we are keen to share the findings.

The BLSW11 Alliance partnership has a potential £180,000 over three years, which we intend to use to attract match funding, to be used to support this aim.

Join us at 10:00am on the 27th April, 2020, at the Kambala Community Centre, to help us to design and deliver a partnership approach so that in time no one in Battersea will feel that they do not ‘belong’!”

If you want to attend or need further information please respond to David at: [email protected]

Agenda to follow!

Update from our website

We are please to tell you that we have updated our website. Helen and Sandra met last month to discuss how the website could be improved. As a result, our latest news are now displayed directly on our home page and you just have to scroll down to view them.

We have also added the 2019 picture slideshow for all the events we organised in 2019.

Our Website has links to our Facebook noticeboard with our latest posts from our community. We encourage you to post, share and comment on our social media pages to increase this community feel where local news & events are shared. We would love it if every local organisation post and share their news and the amazing work they do 🙂

2019 in Pictures

Goodbye 2019, hello 2020.
Big local has been busy last year organising many events and funding projects for the community. This included the Falcon Road Festival, the creation of the Battersea Alliance, the Battersea Charity week, Battersea Together and helping projects with funding like the Secret Garden on the Este Road Estate with Christchurch school. We welcome 2020 with open arms while looking at what went on in 2019 with this slide show.