Big Local SW11 Older People’s Report


A successful Visioning Event was held on the 14th June with contributions from 450-500 local people. Although the report for the event contains several suggestions for positive things that would enhance the lives of older local people the number of older people contributing directly to the visioning event was low. This report carried out by Wandsworth Older People’s Forum is an annexe to the main report. It was compiled following a series of ‘one off’ consultations held at 4 sheltered housing schemes in the Big Local SW11 area.


The 4 participating schemes were Doris Emmerton Court (66 residents); Holmleigh Court (38); Haven Lodge (24); John Kirk House (57). The latter is a scheme run by Sanctuary Housing and the other 3 are council run schemes. In total 60 residents (possible 185) participated with 2-3 expressing interest in getting more involved with the Big Local initiative and intending to attend the meeting on 9th July. Collection of data varied. Some residents were happy to fill in post it’s with others asking me to summarise the discussion and indicate levels of agreement over issues raised. A copy of this report will be sent to all 4 schemes.


There was a wide variety of responses. This ranged from general comments about the area as a whole others were more relevant to the scheme where residents lived. Some would possibly not be within the remit of the Big Local Scheme but for completeness have been included in this report. Many are the direct responsibility of the council or other service providers. Participants in this consultation were keen for their comments to reach the appropriate bodies. Therefore copies of this report have been sent to the Head of Warden Services with the request that items of specific interest to various council departments be passed on. A copy has also been sent to the Scheme Manager at John Kirk House with the request that this be forwarded to the appropriate officer at Sanctuary Housing. Wandsworth Older People’s Forum are working with all 4 schemes on some parts of ‘in house’ issues. These have been shown in italics for the 3 schemes with constituted residents groups. We wish to continue work with John Kirk House – the scheme without a constituted residents group to see if there are ways in which such a group can be set up and carry forward some of the ‘in house’ requests.

1. JOHN KIRK HOUSE- via post its and general discussion

Directly within Big Local remit?

* Wider use of York Gardens Library- Luncheon Club; Computer lessons- with input from local school children.Generally make it more community friendly with lounge chairs, coffee tea facilities, newspapers. 4 responses

* Clearer road signage- especially for drivers attempting short cuts and getting stuck in cul-de-sacs. Great danger for pedestrians and local school.

* Large signs asking people not to feed pigeons or allow dogs to foul

Directly relating to the Sheltered Scheme

* A gazebo and seating for the garden

* More social events- greater use of the lounge

* Improvements to the floor coverings

* Need for a Residents Association

Not within Big Local remit?

* More CCTV Cameras on the estate

* Parking permits comparable with arrangements for residents of Council Schemes. [Lots of discussion about this. John Kirk residents do not receive free parking permits for their own use or for carers, relatives or other visiting friends to use- council scheme residents do] 8 responses

* Pavement repair 2 responses

In general discussion the issues regarding pavement repair and parking were prioritised by residents.

2. HAVEN LODGE- via general discussion

Directly within Big Local remit?

* The whole appearance of the tunnel underneath Clapham Junction Station in Falcon Road. It needs an exciting mural selling the positives in Battersea – this could replace the dingy tiles. The lighting could be improved at the same time and mesh installed to deter pigeons. Residents mentioned similar tunnels in other parts of S. London which have had this treatment and look great.

* Poor information about what is going on in the area. A local Newsletter would help e.g. as per Roehampton Voice a community Newsletter by and for local people delivered across a large estate. (see below about delivery problems in the scheme)

* Intergenerational activities- great praise for students at St Thomas school who engaged with residents in reminiscence sessions

Directly relating to the Sheltered Scheme

* Reserved parking spaces for the sheltered scheme

* Often community flyers and other information of local interest do not get to the residents in sheltered schemes

* Means of keeping the Residents Association going.

Not within Big Local remit?

* Improve street crossings in area with a majority not happy with state of pavements. Comment about recent pavement replacement with small bricks which soon become uneven and hazardous.

* A speedy finish to the improvements at the rear of Clapham Junction Station- real access problems for people living the Grant Road side of the station until this is completed.

* Why Clapham Junction- we live in Battersea!!

* Need for ‘proper shops’ especially in Battersea High Street area- residents at this scheme not aware of the existence or role of the Town Centre Manager

* General clutter and extended seating outside existing shops and cafes make access difficult especially for people with disabilities.


3. DORIS EMMERTON COURT- via general discussion with votes on particular topics.

Directly within Big Local remit?

* More public seating and accessible toilet provision along the riverside path

* A local festival for all generations.

Directly relating to the Sheltered Scheme

* Need for exercise classes and similar activities e.g. line dancing

* More first aid and general health and well being sessions

* Continue film shows

* More access to IT including separate internet connection for residents- separate from office.

* Guest room needed (1 resident)

* Additional toilet facility for general use (there are 2 at the scheme)

* Hairdressing salon separate from lounge (several in favour)

* Floor upgrade and cleaning- especially in lounge

Not within Big Local remit?

* Pavements (20 out of 25 thought state of pavements in area was poor – improvements at Clapham Junction a start but needed throughout area- especially on estates)

4. HOLMLEIGH COURT via general discussion

Directly within Big Local remit?

Need for a centre to go to- by discussion this was linked with York Gardens Library

The whole appearance of the tunnel underneath Clapham Junction Station- see comments under Haven Lodge

Directly relating to the Sheltered Scheme

Garden improvements

Not within Big Local remit?


Increase time for green man controlled crossings

General street lighting in area poor or patchy

Not enough walking police patrols in the area


Improve the appearance of the Railway Tunnel in Falcon Road

More community provision and resources at York Gardens Library

Opportunities for Intergenerational projects

Community signage

Improved physical information provision across the estate(s) – a newsletter for and by local people.

More public seating and accessible toilet provision along the riverside path

A local festival for all generations.

Mac Downes
Outreach Manager
Wandsworth Older People’s Forum

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