Big Local SW11 Online Application

We have written a Guide to the Grant to the Grant Assessment Process to help you. 
You can read it on the Grant page or download the Grant Assessment Process  Word document here.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Applications will only be considered for  individuals, community organisations or businesses that are in or serve the BLSW11 geographical area. (See map here)


  • Priority will be given to projects that most match the BLSW11 vision and values (see advertising poster or go to our web site).


  • Individuals/organisations that have previously applied for BLSW11 grants are welcome to apply again, but projects previously awarded but not completed will not be considered.


  • Each successful project will be required to sign a grant acceptance form, and submit a monitoring and evaluation report (template provided by BLSW11). The information from these may be used on our website and in other media.


  • If required each project will be responsible for insurance cover and compliance with statutory provisions (Safeguarding, Child Protection, DBS, etc)


  • BLSW11 will accept no liability for any damages or costs incurred by or for your project.


  • Funding may include volunteer and staff costs, but should not be used for:


  • Activities volunteers or staff undertake as part of their normal employment
  • political or religious activities
  • projects or activities that there is a mandatory obligation to provide; and
  • VAT that can be recovered for general running costs not associated with the delivery of the project.


Please enter the information needed about your project proposal:


Next steps:

“ Once your application has been submitted we aim to acknowledge receipt within three working days.

We may ask for clarification or ask that you come and meet with us.

Your application will be considered by our Grants panel, who will aim to respond within ten working days”.


Type of Grant:


  • Small Grants of up to £500 – if you have an idea that might benefit the community, call us or apply directly


  • A Community Voice fund of up to £1000 to be used at the discretion of Community Voice, a sub-group of the BLSW11 Partnership – we will work with you to develop your project


  • An Innovation Fund of up to £10000 – for project ideas that have the potential to be developed as a social enterprise


The BLSW11 Grants programme is being managed by Community Voice which is a subcommittee of the BLSW11 Partnership Committee led by Sharon Grant.


If you want to discuss your application before submitting it, contact David Stone on 07950013153 or email: [email protected]

You can also download a copy of the form below :
Big Local SW11 Grant Online Application (Word Document)

And send the form by email to: [email protected]

Or by hand/post to:  Sharon Grant c/o Big Local SW11, Providence House, 138 Falcon Road, London, SW11 2LW