WoW Art Class Pictures & Review

The WoW international project that Big Local support is still going strong and the creations of this artistic project will be displayed at the Magic Garden in May for the Wandsworth art Festival.

Last Saturday, WoW mums organised an art class for the residents of Haven Lodge, the mums and the children with Mel Barry, a local artist. As part of linking the community and opening our sessions to more people, we also invited Donna and the 55+ residents of Kambala Estate.

The day started by a small lunch prepared by Wow Mums Senia and Syeda. In case you didn’t know, Syeda makes the best sandwiches of the entire Battersea.

The children had prepared a card and some flowers to say thank you to Joan, for the toys she gave them at our last session.

Everyone enjoyed lunch, even the little dogs.

Mel started the session by doing some warming up exercises that included listening some music and drawing a feeling, and looking at some photographs and reproduce them in our own style in few minutes.

The art we produced had a community message in it, and those photos below are some examples of the things we did. We are not showing them all, as you will have to come to see them exposed for the Wandsworth art festival. We had to talk and explain our message to everyone.


Time for a well deserved cake and catch up with the residents. It was a good opportunity for Donna from Kambala Estate RA to talk to the pensioners to join KERA now than Haven Lodge RA has been fold.


Big Local SW11 and Battersea Alliance are all about strengthening our community by local residents and organisations working together to decide and create what we want for Battersea.