The Pathway to One Million

The Pathway to One Million

To get to £1million we need to create a Partnership & make a Plan!

1.       18th July 2013 ‘Have Your Say’ event at York Gardens:

a.       told the Story of BigLocalSW11 so far

b.      ran Focus Groups to engage with people’s practical ideas on how to work out the various themes that have come out of the consultations and how they can be implemented in the community to make a real improvement.

2.       The Autumn of 2013ongoing Focus Groups

a.       will meet and be tasked with drafting a plan for implementing improvement under each of the agreed themes.

3.       By mid-October 2013The (Interim) Core Planning Group

a.       will apply to Local Trust for Pathway Funding of £18,000, which is drawn down from the £1million. (See below)

b.      will also apply to the Local Trust to draw down a grant for £2,000 in order to resource a paid worker to support and speed up the process of the pathway


4.       By the end of October 2013 The (Interim) Core Planning Group

a.       will draft a plan to create a Partnership for BigLocalSW11,

b.      to be endorsed in the first instance by the Stakeholder Consultation Group by early November 2013, and then by Local Trust.

c.       The new Partnership will replace the current interim Core Planning Group,

d.      but will consist of the same three layers of accountability, an inner core group, a wider group of stakeholders and the BigLocalSW11 community as a whole.

e.      (The plan for the partnership will be consistent with Local Trust guidelines and representative of our community).

5.       From October 2013to February 2014

a.       The new Partnership will continue with Quick Wins grant awards

                                                               i.       to support local initiatives out of the £18,000 Pathway Funding

                                                             ii.       & to test the vision for BigLocalSW11

6.       Between November and Christmas 2013

a.       The new Partnership will write produce a profile of the area, a vision for change and a plan for spending the £1million

b.      The Plan will aim to be submitted to the Local Trust by January 6th 2014

  £1million should begin to support BigLocalSW11 from March 2014

8.       From March 2014The ongoing Work of the Partnership

a.        will be to deliver the Plan, supply evidence to support it and continually review its work.


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