Quick win report for the Women of Wandsworth Enterprise Club

Dear Big Local SW11,

Women of Wandsworth are very grateful for the small Quick win grant to support our regular monthly  Enterprise club.
The funds have helped us deliver four workshops to improve the possibility for the local women and other residents to start their small businesses as a way of getting of the benefits.

1. Mrs. Sharon Mclean delivered the Business Plan Writing Workshop, where we made our own S.W.A.T and S.W.A.I.N analysis before starting the small business, as well as got crucial information on how to set our business targets and how the Business Plan can help us with this.
2. Next one was Importance of Branding Workshop, where we have learnt about the power of establishing yourself at the market and bringing the customers in and keeping them.  
3. Mr. Ben Richardson from Wandsworth Groundwork informed us on how to set up a charity by delivering a workshop on how to do this properly including how to register with the Charity Commission.
4. Crucial workshop on Tax Return and NI contributions obligations taught us how to be a responsible entrepreneur.

There is a need for more workshops of this kind in Big Local SW11 area to help with the employability.

Our next Enterprise Club workshop is on Friday, 11th October 2013 from 11am – 1pm in Pennethorne House with Jane Ellison MP.
 Basic refreshments will be provided.
Everyone welcome.


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