Intergenerational Lunch and Day out at the Wandsworth Art Festival

Last Saturday, Wow Mums took the mums , children and the residents of Haven Lodge to have an intergenerational lunch together at the Magic Garden in Battersea, where the art we produced in March was exposed for the Wandsworth art festival. It was a boost of confidence to see all the art we made in this amazing exhibition. The kids attended various workshops during the day including pottery making, sticking, painting and creating models out of recycling material. Musiciens were playing, people were sketching. It was a great day for everyone

This day out has been funded by Big Local SW11 as a follow up from the march art class.

Senia & Sandra in front of some of the painting and drawing we produced

Pottery and Clay modelling

Team work

Art from recycled material



Creating art together

Some of our art exposed

Milan & Sandra artwork

Rabbit Hutch by Donna


Sketching the musiciens

Fun in the garden

Filling the evaluation of the day


Big Local SW11 and Battersea Alliance are all about strengthening our community by local residents and organisations working together to decide and create what we want for Battersea.