Free2B Grant Evaluation

We feel the project has been a great success and we would like to thank Big Local for giving us this opportunity.

Check Free2B promotional video made by Wandsworth videographer Sandra Munoz-Alvarez

Please find attached our Free2B evaluation form together with participant evaluation data on

Free2B Big Local evaluation

Anon Evaluations

FREE2BE support young people and their parents who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, those questioning and those with alternative identities: LGBTQ+

Our service users experience discrimination, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia (HBT-phobia) on a daily basis and it is often as a result of a lack of understanding.

The BigLocal SW11 has funded us to provide introductory training sessions to local organisations with best practice suggestions for simple, low cost, practical changes that can be implemented to create a more inclusive environment.

Training aims:

  • Understand why it’s important to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive environment
  • Have examples of simple, practical and low-cost changes and actions that can be implemented easily
  • Have the opportunity to practise challenging HBT-phobia in a supportive environment
  • Develop an initial action plan to start the change process in your organisation
  • Receive a list of relevant support and information organisations and services

If you would like to book a training session for your organisation – please get in touch!

[email protected],

07757 502 726

Music Workshop & IHEART Wellbeing Programme

We are funding a new wellbeing programme in Battersea as part of our Small Grant for 2018 to tackle youth violence in our area.

This workshop starting in October Half term is to address the rise in youth violence and youth fatalities impacting on youth mental health within the BLSW11. This will be 5 days of music and wellbeing programme targeting young people who are at risk of youth violence. We propose to use a combination of an enticing music course and the IHEART wellbeing programme that is currently undergoing extensive research where preliminary find-ings are showing it to be extremely impactful.

The programme has been carefully planned in both the delivery method and the team who have been selected for their expertise in working with young people at risk of youth violence and/or their training in the 3 Principles understanding or their music skill base. The chosen method is the IHEART ( programme which de-rives from the 3 Principles Understanding. It has been delivered across London with great results. It is accessible to young people because it is a wellbeing programme that is not based on intellectual ability, nor is it a counselling type programme.

This enticing music and wellbeing programme is an opportunity that tackles two are-as: challenging youth violence and raising awareness of inner wellbeing.

What makes this different is the innovative nature and the sustainability beyond the programme.


Behavioural Change

* Improved understanding of the negative portrayal of drill music

* Compilation of positive music tracks

* Increased resilience

* Improved self-confidence to overcome challenges Improvement in managing “dif-ficult” situations

* Improved self-esteem – increased view of wellbeing

* Improved capacity to manage low moods

* Improved concentration and motivation

* Improved communication & conflict resolution skills

* Improved relationships with peers, teachers & family member

Societal Change

* Greater connection within the community and local youth facilities

* Greater respect for difference and diversity

* Greater adaptability to change

* Greater likelihood to make healthier life choices

* Greater sense of hope and capacity to cope

* Decrease in addictive, compulsive & destructive behaviours

* Decrease in stress and anxiety

Time Table

Recruitment September 2018

Programme delivery October half term 2018

Optional 1 to 1 sessions for participants from November 2018 to March 2019

Participant progress tracking bi-monthly from November 2018 to March 2019.

End of project evaluation and final report end of March 2019

Urban Art Festival

The Urban Arts Festival was a project funded by the Big Local Sw11 Small Grant in August 2018. It was a week of creative arts activities incorporating workshops for young people in drama, dance, beatboxing, graffiti art, singing, rap etc.and they created a performance show at the end of the week. Each evening of the festival also involved community events from Busking and BBQ to a Battersea Food festival to bring the community together, showcased talent and inspired young people to develop their creative talents.

The project involved working in partnership with The Falcon Group, Wandsworth Youth Service and other local charities including Waste Not Want Not, Battersea Arts Centre and Agora Arts Circle. The project had an emphasis on engaging and connecting young people with these partnership organisations.

This was also a stepping stone to develop a greater platform for young people to have ongoing performance opportunities in and around Battersea and further afield to increase their experiences and opportunities.

Project Evaluation (Small Grant 2018)

The organisations who received the Small Grant 2018 from big Local SW11 sent us some feedback about their projects. Let’s see how they helped and supported people in our community.

A2I Dyslexia: Employability Skills Workshop
Click on this Word document link to see their evaluation form : A2i Dyslexia Big Local Monitoring and Evaluation Form – Updated July 2018

Soundminds: Public Art Event
Click on this PDF link to learn more about the amazing art session they delivered and read their evaluation.

Live Music & Public Art in the heart of Battersea

Update 25/08/18 (Evaluation)
Click on this PDF link to learn more about the amazing art session they delivered and read their evaluation.

April 2018: We would love to invite you to the X-Change Live music and art installation organised by local artist Sam Haynes and Sound Minds. This event has been funded by Big Local SW11 small grant 2018 and the Wandsworth Grant Fund and will showcase local artists for six during the Wandsworth art fringe.



We are looking forward to see you there.



Coding Club project

Big Local Sw11 is funding a coding club project led by Rex Wickham in Caius House Youth Club in Battersea

We have space at Caius House for our drop in sessions. It’s run free of charge on Thursday afternoons, 5.30pm-6.30pm, during school term time.

You can register with  Caius House when you arrive (just arrive 10 mins earlier for your first session).
You don’t need to bring anything,  Caius House has a Media room fully equipped with PCs.

The projects we do are designed for Key Stage 2 aged children but a
couple of years either side is also fine.

*About the Coding Club*

Our aim is to inspire the next generation to get excited about computer science and digital making and to build the skillset needed to enter the digital workplace.

The projects we use are easy to follow step-by-step guides which help children learn Scratch, HTML & CSS and Python by making games, animations, and websites. The projects gradually introduce coding
concepts to allow children to build their knowledge incrementally, meaning there’s also no need for the adult running the session to be a computing expert.

Code Club at Caius House can only take place thanks to the generous donation of time by our volunteers, currently Samantha and Alexia.


*About Rex*
I am a life long learner and am passionate about helping others to develop a working knowledge of the technology that surrounds our daily lives.
Local organisations I’m involved in helping include WowMums, KLS, St Marys Church Battersea. I’m co-chair of the Governing Body of the Sacred Heart and St Mary’s Primary schools Federation.


‘I just wanted to send quick note to thank Big Local SW11 for funding my project. It has made a massive difference to the project, we had a full house (14 children). They are all being supported with the new booklets that the funding paid for, and I’ve also recruited a new volunteer’  
REX Wickham


Some of the projects we are funding in 2018

Some of the projects we are funding in 2018

Project: Coding Workshop

Project Owner
E- mail address
Project Summary
Rex Wickham
Teaching material for computer coding club


Project: A2i Dyslexia Workshop
Project Owner
E- mail address
Project Summary
Elizabeth Kwarteng – Amaning
Employability Skills Workshop for people with Dyxlexia

Project: LGBTQ Awareness Training
Project Owner
E- mail address
Project Summary
Lucie Brooke
LGBTQ+ awareness training for local organisations


Project: Public Art Event
Project Owner
E- mail address
Project Summary
Sam Haynes
A public arts event to showcase the work of local artists and musician


Project: Maysoule Road Royal Fun Day
Project Owner
Email adress Project Summary
Felli Uhssi [email protected]
Bringing the families together whilst celebrating the Royal Wedding on 19th May 2018



Big Local SW11 funded transport for KLS chair exercise classes

The Katherine Low Settlement has been running chair-based exercise classes for frail older people for three years. We identified that a barrier to attendance at these classes for local people was lack of transport. Although the Dial-A-Ride service exists, people have to be attending an activity for a while before they are accepted onto the scheme, and also often need support to fill in the application form. The Big Local funding provided a pilot scheme to enable transport for older people to be funded whilst we provided support with Dial-A-Ride applications. The aim was that this encouraged very inactive local people to take up some form of exercise and in a way that would be sustainable through the Dial-A-Ride scheme.

Trailer of the KLS Chair exercise program

This was a very challenging project and we are grateful for the opportunity to pilot a way to enable some of the most inactive and isolated people in the local area to get out and get active.

As a result of the project we have been able to take what we have learned to the Wandsworth Mobility Forum and share our concerns with Dial-A-Ride. We hope this will lead to better ways of working which will enable very elderly people be more active.

Key successes and achievements  (300 words)
What went well? Was there a significant impact? What did participants tell you?

  •  We have encouraged active and independent living by enabling elderly people most at risk of becoming less active, to leave their house, stay physically more healthy and have a sense of purpose to their lives.


  • Improve health and well-being: Those attending classes have attended regularly and reported improvements in balance, fitness and strength and a general sense of emotional well-being. In addition, attendance at the class has increased a positive attitude towards physical activity such that older people may feel able to do more (generally in their lives, as well as more exercise) independently.


  •   Reduce isolation and loneliness:By encouraging people to join in with this activity and be able to also spend time with other people in the class and access some of the other social programmes within KLS, for example, our weekly lunch clubs. This pilot scheme included the administrative support to become users of the Dial-A-Ride service which they can now use to access other activities as well.


One of the attendees said ‘I feel extremely grateful. Without the transport I couldn’t come to chair based exercise. I feel that the classes are doing me some good – it is a form of physiotherapy and I have more ‘get and go’ after the class. At first I wasn’t sure about the classes and viewed them from afar, but having tried it I’m getting into it and I’m going to carry on doing them.’

Click here If you want to learn more or watch the chair exercises videos to do them in your home.

Click below if you want to read the full report

Chair based excercise transport Final Report

Big Local SW11 Fitness Movement Grant Fund – Now Open

Enable Leisure and Culture are working with Big Local SW11 to increase physical activity levels of local people through a project called the Big Local SW11 Fitness Movement.

We want to fund local groups and organisations to help get local adults more physically active. We can fund up to £1,000 to set up activities and projects; this might include facility or venue hire, coach or instructor costs, equipment and training.

The deadline for application is Wednesday 1st February 2017. To find out more and to apply, download and complete an application form.

We are holding Fitness Movement Grant Workshops to help applicants complete the forms and submit the best application possible. These sessions will highlight the key criteria and offer advice on specific areas. We encourage everyone thinking about applying to attend at least one of these sessions:

  • Monday 16th January, 5-7pm at York Gardens Library (tbc)
  • Thursday 26th January, 10am – 12pm at Providence House Youth Club

For more information please contact Nick Atkins, Physical Activity Lead, on 0208 871 8357.