Big Local SW11 AGM

Our AGM was yesterday at Providence House. Thank you to everyone who attended.


Amazing Battersea historical presentation from Cllr Tony Belton.

It was nice to see everybody and welcome our new committee members.

Phil explained his artwork called: “The Wall of Pain”

We also showed two films: one about the last Falcon Road Festival 2019 and the other one telling the story of the Big Local SW11 journey.


Big Local SW11 AGM

Join Us – BLSW11 AGM

1st October, 7:00pm, Providence House

Find out about our Three Year Strategy,  eat, drink and enjoy entertainments provided by our local community…….


Leading up to the AGM we are holding elections for new members to manage and oversee our Strategy. Information about the election process will be sent out soon….

We are also looking to recruit a part-time support worker – let us know if you are interested, or want to know more……

RSVP to: [email protected]

Falcon Road Festival pictures

Our 4th Falcon Road Festival was a complete success and we were blessed with a lot of sunshine. The theme this year was “Battersea Together” and the entire community came out to enjoy the sun and the fun.

It was our busiest festival so far with the fire station, the park, Providence House and Este Road, buzzing with people. Battersea has a very mixed community and it was very nice to see everyone getting along, having fun, singing and dancing together. The children enjoyed a circus, a reptile and a bird of prey show and there were also a lot of activities for them like volleyball, boxing, circus skills, bouncy castle and bull riding simulator.

Wandsworth Active had various workshops and was on a mission to get local people fitter and healthier. Local artists showcased their talent all day on our main stage managed by Riverside Radio.

St Peter’s Church corner was filled with wooden deck chairs and they were serving free drinks to keep people hydrated on this glorious day.

We will continue to work together closely with the community and are proud to announce that Falcon Road is coming back next year on the 27th of June 2020.

Our Falcon Road festival video should be released as soon as we receive clearance from the festival committee, so watch this space 🙂

Call For Expression of Interest

Please contact David Stone at [email protected] or 07950013153 to express an interest in this assignment or please let us know if you are aware of someone who might be interested.

Intergenerational Challenges in SW11 – Commission for a Scoping Report


Our main aims include; improving the mental health of all generations, reducing isolation and valuing all in the community.

Our work , following on from the PEC Meeting of the 2nd May 2019, will include the commissioning of a scoping exercise to analyse what is happening in the area, bringing people of all generations together and how we involve residents of all ages to show how all are valued, develop self esteem, reduce isolation and improve mental health

This is very much looking at how we can develop our Strategy, looking at Intergenerational work much more broadly across the community, etc.[1]


Big Local SW11 (BLSW11) has been funding an intergenerational programme for SW11 (primarily Latchmere Ward) since 2014.
Delivered by Women of Wandsworth (WoW) the project was developed in response to extensive local consultation, and has successfully nurtured relationships between older people and local volunteers (young people and families) to, in effect, establish ‘surrogate families’; within the limitation of sheltered housing.
BLSW11 wants to build on this success by looking at what more could be done to deepen and broaden our impact particularly in addressing isolation and loneliness, not only for older people but for anyone in our community who might benefit from community engagement across the generations.


In order to progress this ambition, BLSW11 wants to commission a brief scoping exercise that will provide us with an analysis of what else is happening in the area as far as intergenerational type initiatives and/or projects are concerned, and with better evidence of the likely level of ‘demand’ or potential interest in the development of new initiatives/approaches.

Primarily a desk based research project, the scoping work should consult with a local services/agencies to seek their views and to collect data on the range and extent of local intergenerational projects. This ‘supply-side’ analysis should be matched by a ‘demand-side’ estimation of the likely extent of the ‘problem’ of isolation and loneliness in SW11.
In addition to the supply/demand analysis we would like some ‘good practice’ examples of successful intergenerational projects (derived from web based research) that specifically address isolation and loneliness, to include (but not limited to if other data is available):

  • Older people
  • Single Parents
  • Inward Migrants
  • LGTB people
  • Disabled people

In terms of the Supply/Demand analysis we would expect the successful researcher to consult with the following organisations that are known to have a direct or associated interest in intergenerational issues.

  • Caius House
  • Carney’s Community
  • The Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Health Authority
  • Kambala Residents Association
  • Katherine Low Centre
  • Providence House
  • LB Wandsworth – Housing Needs Assessment; Adult Social Care
  • Women of Wandsworth
  • Other’s that may be suggested during the course of the research

For intergenerational Issues

  • What is happening?
  • Where?
  • By whom?
  • Who are the beneficiaries?

What is the extent of the problem of loneliness and isolation in SW11?

  • How many people?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their circumstances?

Timetable and Budget

We would like the scoping report to be completed by the end of August 2019
We have estimated the budget at £200 per day as follows:

Task Days Budget
Consultation 6
Web Research 4
Writing Report 2
Total 12 2400

We expect some flexibility in the delivery of this scoping work, to allow for the possibility of at least one presentation to the BLSW11 Partnership.

BLSW11 Intergeneration Lead: Wendy Speck (June 2019).

See Appendix 1 for how we would like to see this work developed in relation to our three BLSW11 Plan and Budget

Appendix 1: Intergenerational Work and Our Strategy

This commission has been produced by the BLSW11 Intergenerational Committee – Wendy Speck (Chair), Marlene Price, Donna Barham and Senia Dedic.

During its preparation the Committee considered how this work and any resulting new BLSW11 funded initiatives could work to help deliver our three year plan and budget 2019-21.

In this regard the following issues were discussed in the expectations that they might influence the final recommendations to the Partnership Committee.

Focus: Isolation, Mental Health (Anxiety and Depression)
Approach: Community Development: Youth driven and mobilising volunteers
Time scale: Three Years
Budget: Initially £10k a year but will seek leveraged funding from partners and may request BLSW11 to vie funds from under spend.

Intergenerational work: While we want to build on what went before we do not want to be distracted by the ‘language’ of intergenerational work.

We are aware that there many different approaches to tacking isolation and mental health issues, some intergenerational, some cross-generational; some that may focus on older people, others that might direct energy towards isolated single parents and/or disabled people.
An ideal scenario would see more members of our local community becoming involved in projects and programmes that address isolation, and mental health issues in our patch.

Battersea Charity Week, a real success

Battersea Charity week was well attended and a real success. It is great to help our local voluntary organisations to with various workshops about funding, finding volunteers, campaigning, networking

Some of the highlights were:

Campaign stories and tips shared by Fleur from Katherine Low Settlement and Annaliese from SEN Talk parent support group, plus some collaborative campaign brainstorming!


Stories, much like diamonds, live forever. At our case study workshop at Caius House Youth Centre this morning we were able to explore the inspiring stories that lie within our community work.


Really engaging discussions around governance and how to deal with trustee conflicts/power dynamics during The Board Meeting roleplay event at Providence House.
Breakfast, chats about governance, and discussion topics hidden under coasters. What more could you ask for? Thank you to Platform One cafe for hosting us!
Aaron from Katherine Low Settlement led a fantastic session on bid-writing, which not only covered how to write bids, but also how to find the right funders for your project and build relationships with them.
On the 26th of June, we had top tips from 9 funders, a Q&A where we discussed topics such as multi-year funding and accessible applications, topped off with a chance to meet the funders face-to-face over coffee. Thank you to everyone who came along

Attendees at the Governance for Faith Groups event got to enjoy a bit of Giant Jenga!





Storytelling in the Garden this Thursday

“Join us this Thursday afternoon (13th June) in the magical Secret Garden to hear enchanting stories by a professional Storyteller: 3.30-4.30pm, 18 Fownes Street​”

13 June Storytelling in the garden – Enchanting stories by a professional Storyteller in our wonderful Secret Garden 3.30-4.30pm

All welcome (children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult).
Venues: Christ Church School Garden: Batten Street SW11 2TH
Secret Garden: 18-19 Fownes Street, SW11 2TH

For more information call: Annelene: 07710 487831 Email: [email protected]

Please note that the Secret Garden does not currently have toilet facilities.


Falcon Road Festival is coming back next month

Falcon Road Festival is back next month for the 4th time on the 29th of June.
There will be a multitude of activities, workshops, performances and things to do for the entire family.
Este Road will be full of stalls once again, and music will be heard from Providence House to Shillington Park.

Falcon Road Festival trailer 2019

If you want to volunteer, perform, get a stall or find out what is the line up for 2019, check the official Falcon Road Festival website for more informations.


Free events at the secret garden

The secret garden of Battersea SW11 has been very busy preparing and organising a multitude of events and workshops for Spring and Summer 2019. They are free to attend:

Here are some of the free events taking place this Spring and Summer:

30 May Planting and Gardening in the Secret Garden – come & help with gardening tasks, do some weaving & plant your own ‘patio’ pot to take home. 1.30-3.30pm

13 June Storytelling in the garden – Enchanting stories by a professional Storyteller in our wonderful Secret Garden 3.30-4.30pm

20 June Smoothie Making – make up your own recipe for delicious and healthy drinks using produce from our gardens. 3.30-4.30pm (at the school)

28 June Recipe swap -Multi Cultural Food Event – share your family recipes with our local community

29 June Falcon Road Festival -Planting and Gardening in the Secret Garden -as above 12-6pm

Also coming up:

· Garden tours – find out more about the amazing design of our new garden get involved in hedge planting, seed sowing and gardening. Every Thursday after school 3.30-4.30pm

· Gardening throughout the summer in Secret Garden – every Thursday during the summer holidays 1.30-3.30pm

All welcome (children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult).
Venues: Christ Church School Garden: Batten Street SW11 2TH
Secret Garden: 18-19 Fownes Street, SW11 2TH

For more information call: Annelene: 07710 487831 Email: [email protected]

Please note that the Secret Garden does not currently have toilet facilities.