Outdoors Learning Project in a Secret Garden

This is a learning outdoors project that will bring people together through a range of activities-planting, growing, cooking, storytelling and more partly funded by the Big Local Sw11 small grant 2018.

The first part of the project is building a bespoke garden designed by pupils of the school with established designer Cleve West.

This garden needs support from volunteers to clear and prepare the space for the garden to be started. It will invite local volunteer support for digging and planting giving opportunities for young and old to come together and learn valuable horticultural skills.

The garden will be started in September and will take two years and a lot of community engagement to complete. We will develop links with local people to volunteer their help and will facilitate and create groups to come together regularly to work on the garden and benefit from the space. Training for all involved is an important part of the project which will lead to volunteers becoming more skilled in a range of areas e.g. understanding compost, propagation, planting, pruning, creating signage etc. We have a strong track record as we already use our Secret Garden to support the training and development of volunteers. Our new space will not only transform a piece of wasteland but will offer a larger and more tailored teaching space for the local community.

The second phase of our project is to replace a dilapidated portacabin with a building designed specifically for outdoor learning events, even if the school is closed. It will have toilets and a kitchen as well as enough space to both train and work with groups.

There will be a roof garden with space for growing a range of herbs and spices as well as micro salads. The building will enable the groups to meet and have space to make drinks or food as well as take well-earned breaks. The space will also give the opportunity for training on site so volunteers feel they have the opportunities to develop their own skills and competencies.

Music Workshop & IHEART Wellbeing Programme

We are funding a new wellbeing programme in Battersea as part of our Small Grant for 2018 to tackle youth violence in our area.

This workshop starting in October Half term is to address the rise in youth violence and youth fatalities impacting on youth mental health within the BLSW11. This will be 5 days of music and wellbeing programme targeting young people who are at risk of youth violence. We propose to use a combination of an enticing music course and the IHEART wellbeing programme that is currently undergoing extensive research where preliminary find-ings are showing it to be extremely impactful.

The programme has been carefully planned in both the delivery method and the team who have been selected for their expertise in working with young people at risk of youth violence and/or their training in the 3 Principles understanding or their music skill base. The chosen method is the IHEART (iheartprinciples.com) programme which de-rives from the 3 Principles Understanding. It has been delivered across London with great results. It is accessible to young people because it is a wellbeing programme that is not based on intellectual ability, nor is it a counselling type programme.

This enticing music and wellbeing programme is an opportunity that tackles two are-as: challenging youth violence and raising awareness of inner wellbeing.

What makes this different is the innovative nature and the sustainability beyond the programme.


Behavioural Change

* Improved understanding of the negative portrayal of drill music

* Compilation of positive music tracks

* Increased resilience

* Improved self-confidence to overcome challenges Improvement in managing “dif-ficult” situations

* Improved self-esteem – increased view of wellbeing

* Improved capacity to manage low moods

* Improved concentration and motivation

* Improved communication & conflict resolution skills

* Improved relationships with peers, teachers & family member

Societal Change

* Greater connection within the community and local youth facilities

* Greater respect for difference and diversity

* Greater adaptability to change

* Greater likelihood to make healthier life choices

* Greater sense of hope and capacity to cope

* Decrease in addictive, compulsive & destructive behaviours

* Decrease in stress and anxiety

Time Table

Recruitment September 2018

Programme delivery October half term 2018

Optional 1 to 1 sessions for participants from November 2018 to March 2019

Participant progress tracking bi-monthly from November 2018 to March 2019.

End of project evaluation and final report end of March 2019

Urban Art Festival

The Urban Arts Festival was a project funded by the Big Local Sw11 Small Grant in August 2018. It was a week of creative arts activities incorporating workshops for young people in drama, dance, beatboxing, graffiti art, singing, rap etc.and they created a performance show at the end of the week. Each evening of the festival also involved community events from Busking and BBQ to a Battersea Food festival to bring the community together, showcased talent and inspired young people to develop their creative talents.

The project involved working in partnership with The Falcon Group, Wandsworth Youth Service and other local charities including Waste Not Want Not, Battersea Arts Centre and Agora Arts Circle. The project had an emphasis on engaging and connecting young people with these partnership organisations.

This was also a stepping stone to develop a greater platform for young people to have ongoing performance opportunities in and around Battersea and further afield to increase their experiences and opportunities.