WoW Intergenerational lunch with the young refugees from Headstart

In light of their outstanding work in mentoring UK youth in Intergenerational work, Women of Wandsworth have been asked to mentor the youth from Headstart Refugee Project, through The Challenge organisation. Aim of this project is to deliver social action that will allow young refugees, who came legally to this country, the chance to socially mix, through running activities and enjoy games with people they would not usually meet, while getting involved in their community.

Headstart project is a volunteering and employment program for young people. This is being piloted in Wandsworth, with the young refugees from CARAS organisation to help them to get into employment.

These young refugees cooked a three course lunch for elderly from Battersea and organised fun games and Bingo for them with Wow Mums support.

Project Evaluation (Small Grant 2018)

The organisations who received the Small Grant 2018 from big Local SW11 sent us some feedback about their projects. Let’s see how they helped and supported people in our community.

A2I Dyslexia: Employability Skills Workshop
Click on this Word document link to see their evaluation form : A2i Dyslexia Big Local Monitoring and Evaluation Form – Updated July 2018

Soundminds: Public Art Event
Click on this PDF link to learn more about the amazing art session they delivered and read their evaluation.

Intergenerational Picnic & Boxing

BLSW11 is working with key local organisations to develop a strategy that aims to “Remove barriers that prevent people from reaching their potential as workers, volunteers and members of our community” .

This August, the Big Local partnership consisting of Big Local SW11, Katherine Low Settlement, Caius House, Providence House, St Peter’s and Carney’s Community organised an intergenerational picnic and boxing event in Fredwell’s Garden in Battersea. It was very enjoyable to everyone and showed that those intergenerational events are needed and beneficial for both our younger and older residents.


#Intergenerationalpicnic and #chairboxing with the #elderly and the #youngpeople in #Battersea the with the #Falcongroup today with Carney’s Community Katherine Low Settlement Providence House Caius House Youth Club St Peter’s Battersea

List of Support where local charities and community groups in Wandsworth can get help

Aaron Barbour from Katherine Low Settlement, which is part of The Falcon Partnership Group, wrote this list of support for local charities and community groups in Wandsworth.

Aaron wrote: ” Hope you find it useful. We’re frequently asked where to get support for funding, volunteers, data, training etc. So we’ve put together this little list of who we turn to for help. It’s not a complete list (they never are) and i’m sure we’ve missed stuff. Think of it as a work in (continual) progress. Do have a read and let me know how we could improve it. If you like it then please do share it with others in your organisation and across your networks.”

List of Support – Where to get help for charities in Wandsworth 31Jul18