Big Local SW11 was the main sponsor for the Falcon Road Heritage Festival.

Big Local SW11 was the main sponsor for the Falcon Road Heritage Festival.
This is the first Falcon Road festival, but it is the sixth local festival or event that BLSW11 has sponsored in the locality.
BLSW11 is seeking more local residents and volunteers to join in with us.
Why not come to our AGM on Wednesday 6th July at York Gardens Library at 6.30 for 7pm start.
And look out for our logo in the area!

Falcon Road Heritage Festival – big up the leaders and the foot soldiers.

Falcon Road Heritage Festival – big up the leaders and the foot soldiers.

Big thanks to Fireman Nic whose ideas drove the project and whose Community Safety Street was the hub of the Festival.

Big thanks to Micky the Falcon Estate chair who choreographed the market stalls and prowled up and down the road at everyone’s beck and call, until his feet cried out ‘enough!’

Big thanks to Kambala Donna for undiminished energy in the face of multitudinous task and hurling hailstones as she kept the Coppock Close street party going.

Big thanks to Marlene the protocol Queen, who kept us all on our toes and to point, and serenely guided the Deputy Mayor and chain to all quarters.

Big thanks to Lorinda and all her background work and fixing problems,and staying to the end with litter sacks.

Big thanks to Tessa who bravely took on title of Director of Festival and tried to keep the rest of team in some form of order.

Big thanks to all the foot soldiers, all the yellow hi vis jacket stewards, the litter pickers, the cadets and general welcomers.

Big thanks to all who came and participated and performed.

Next time then ….

Falcon Road Festival celebrates Armed Services Day.

Falcon Road Festival celebrates Armed Services Day.

Uniformed Cadets and officers, soldiers and cadets from the London regiment played a significant part in the Festival, escorting dignatories, talking to visitors at their stands, and most especially marching down Community Safety Street to present themselves before the Mayor of Wandsworth.

It was a genuinely moving occasion.

Falcon Road Heritage Festival was a big big success!!

Falcon Road Heritage Festival was a big big success!!
Battersea was out and about in all its community warmth, and even the hailstorm didn’t dampen the excitement.
From Coppock Close to Falcon Glade, from the Fire Station to Shillington Park, the Festival was buzzing.
Music from every corner, something for all ages.
From the non-stop activity at Providence House to the formal but colourful Armed Service parade presided over the by the Mayor, it was a good day.
Big thumbs up to organisers and partners, to volunteers and performers and for Battersea people – and very little rubbish!
Next year? What do you say?

One more day to Falcon Road Heritage Festival!

One more day to Falcon Road Heritage Festival!

Stage 2 opened by Deputy Mayor at 12 noon, followed by Fire Station Open Day.

Stalls in Este Road, activities at Providence House, Coppock Close and Islamic Education and Cultural Centre open from 12 noon.

Mayor of Wandsworth presides of Armed Services Tribute at 3.30pm.

First Falconry display in Shillington Park at 1.30pm, followed by live music until 9.30pm.

If you’re not at the Festival, I don’t know where you think you are.

Two Days to go to Falcon Road Heritage Festival.

Two Days to go to Falcon Road Heritage Festival.
One more night of rain, two days of sun. Bring it on.
Celebrating heritage seriously: art exhibition at Art Lacuna, Falcon Road and Battersea heritage photo exhibition, presentation on Battersea Jazz legend George Shearing.
So much to see and do.

Three Days to go to Falcon Road Heritage Festival.

Three Days to go to Falcon Road Heritage Festival.

I can already smell the aroma of jerk chicken and fresh farm lamb burgers from outside Providence House, and hear the music and the excitement of young people performing, the cluck of chickens in the farm section, and the rattle of skittles falling in the bowling alley.

I think I can see the bright images of children being face painted. And there are cream teas, and woodwork model, and games, and table tennis challenge. Oh, and a chance for a family photo portrait.

And this is only part of the Festival.

I can’t wait till Saturday!

Four Days to Go to Falcon Road Festival

Four Days to Go to Falcon Road Festival.

Two stages, two sets of musical performance, headlined by Che Lingo, and with many established and up and coming local performers, including Ziggy Anderson, Aston Essen, Gregory Fabulous, Fatch, BAC Beat Box Academy and The Channel One Band, Ridez, Esther, Robin & Dave, Cassandra London.

Youth dance troupes, Scario Funk & Streets United.

Supporting sound from I-Spy with Cooly G and DJ Logick.

Dee Dee from Wandsworth Radio

Five Days to go to Falcon Road Heritage Festival.

Five Days to go to Falcon Road Heritage Festival.

Monday to Thursday rain, then shine for Saturday (DV).

Looking forward to martial arts on Falcon Estate with Carney’s Boxing and Scorpion kick boxing, puppet show at Fire Station with Harris Academy, plus line rescue and road traffic collision demonstration.

Election to the Executive Committee


The present Partnership Executive Committee was elected at the 26 June 2014 AGM for a 2-year period.   This election took place after an interim management group, the Core Planning Group, successfully took Big Local SW11 into a format required by Local Trust.

This Core Planning Group completed the Getting Started stage and agreed all the documentation and took us onto the next stage the formation of the current Partnership Executive Committee.  This Committee will be responsible to overseeing the Big Local Plan which include spending of the £1 million awarded by Local Trust as part of the Big Lottery fund.

This Executive Committee consists of 12 members and 3 co-opted, non-voting, members on a volunteer basis.  Of these 12 members, 6 are residents; 4 are full time employed/volunteers and the other 2 are local elected councillors from 2 major political parties from the 2 Wards that form the designed region. One of the full time volunteers also represents the Local Trusted Organisation.  Of the 3 co-opted members 2 are resident and the other an employee of a local charitable youth organisation.  This combination meets Local Trust requirement of the membership of the group to be at least 51% resident led.

We are proposing the same number be appointed to the new Partnership but for the period of the Partnership to run for 3 years rather than the originally proposed 2.  We also agreed that we would change the name of the Executive Committee to Partnership Committee.
We agreed at our Partnership Executive Committee of 8 June that in order to have some continuity that the position of Secretary/Administrator will not be up for election at this stage.

The Local Trusted Organisation also will also have a position on the Executive Committee.
The new Partnership Committee will consist of the following main positions:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Finance Officer
  • Secretary/Administrator

Local Trust’s requirement is that the Local Trusted Organisation is the holder of bank accounts, the reporting of all the finances and responsible for any contracts, therefore the role of the Finance Officer is to keep a strategic overview of budgets and spending and to act as independent watchdog of Local Trusted Organisation’s administration of funds.

With the exception of the Secretary/Administrator all positions will be filled at the 1st meeting after the formation of the new Partnership Committee.

The new committee will have the powers to appoint any other positions deemed appropriate by the Partnership Committee.

The Local Trusted Organisation has contracted with a Support Co-ordinator to support the Executive and it is planned that they will also contract with a Communications Support Worker.

Election to the Committee

The current Partnership has approved, at their meeting on 6 June 2016, the process for the election.

This is:

  • Nominations will be open as soon as possible after the close of the Partnership Meeting and notification sent to all General Members on Big Local’s General Membership list.
  • Prospective candidates must be nominated, with the nominee’s permission, or candidates may volunteer themselves
  • Nominations must be sent to [email protected] and will close at 5 pm on Tuesday 5 July 2016.
  • All nominees should be resident of the Big Local SW11 area or working or a full time volunteer in the area.
  • We request nominees to submit a photograph and no more than 200 words a brief description of themselves and why they could be considered to a Member of the Partnership.  Voting can also be in person at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 6 July at York Gardens Library.
  • Voting will be administrated by the current Administrator, an independent auditor and a non-Committee resident

Who are we looking for?
Big Local SW11 is looking for local residents and workers in the Big Local SW11 area who are independent minded, with a variety of skills and experience to offer, with a vision for this area and keen to work alongside a range of different people and organisations.
The commitment is to a minimum of 4 Partnership Committee Meetings and 2 General Meetings a year, and a willingness to serve on sub committees as needed.

Nominations are now open.

You may nominate someone, but please ask the person’s permissions before doing so; or you may volunteer yourself to the partnership Committee.

All nominations to be sent to [email protected] 

The deadline for receipt of nominations is 5 pm on Tuesday 5 July.