Big Local Quick Win Grant for Spring 2015

Big Local SW11 Quick Wins Spring Grant 2015


Our Big Local SW11 Quick Wins scheme is to encourage individuals and community organisations to set up small taster activities to test out ideas in the Big Local SW11 area (hyperlink to big local map) to encourage residents and workers in the community to get involved in a project that could help to deliver the Big Local SW11 vision

“as residents and workers we have a long term vision of of our community as a place where”

Everyone has the opportunity and confidence to widen their horizons and to maximise their potential for learning, working and achieving. (Achieving & Potential)

A community where everyone feels safe and that they belong. (Safety & well-being)

Where everyone can have a voice, shape their future and influence the design of space and services in a way that develops ownership. (Influence & ownership)

We all have the opportunity to meet and interact across the wider community, to learn and belong. (Community & belonging)

The big local area consists of a group of contiguous council estates and housing lying to the north of Clapham Junction station. The largest is the Winstanley Estate which together with the York Road, Falcon, Kambala, Badric Court, Totteridge House and Wayland Road estates form a central band of housing

You have an idea? You’re passionate about making this happen? You’d like some support to help you test out your idea?

Then apply for a Quick Wins spring Grant 2015 to support you testing out your idea to find out if it could deliver change in Big Local SW11

(If you are currently in receipt or just recently awarded a Big Local Small Grant 2015 you are not eligible to be considered for a Quick Wins Spring Grant 2015)

If you are eligible for a Quick Wins Spring Grant 2015 you should apply and let us know your idea. All applications are considered on the basis whether it could deliver on the Big Local SW11 vision and values.

All you need to do is download an application pack from the link below or request it by phone or email. The pack includes the Quick Wins spring Grant 2015 application form and a check list for additional information to support your application

Click the button below to download the Quick Wins Spring Grant 2015 Application form

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Additional criteria (some may want to print it so it may be useful)


Completed Applications must be received by 5pm on Monday, 13th April 2015

 Big Local Quick Wins poster 2015 13th April

Small Grants 2015 Award Results



Total Award Grant available: £4,500

Maximum amount of award available for each project: £1,000

Criteria: Must meet our Vision and Values:

* Achievement and Potential

* Safety and Belonging

* Influence and Ownership

* Community and Relationships

* Sustainability

We received 8 applications, with a total of almost £5,500. Our methods were to go through all applications and score each on a scale of whether they fully, partially, barely or not met our criteria.

We awarded 4 grants of varying amounts for a total of £2,460.

The Awards we granted are:

*Senia Sedic on behalf of Women of Wandsworth – £300 for an inter-generational art class in Haven Lodge to tackle gap between generations, loneliness of elderly and to enhance the community spirit and bond between three generations. The aim of this event is to raise an awareness of inter-generational needs and offer this event as a possible solution to ubiquitous social problem of neglect of elderly and children growing up without their grandparents with them.

Date Saturday 9th May 2015

Place Haven Lodge, 2 Wolfetencroft Close, Battersea SW11 2SH

Number of people cca 20 elderly, children, 10 Mums


*Lightbox Theatre – £550 to create a professional video of our Battersea Odyssey show, in May 2015 Since late 2013, Lightbox has been working on an inter-generational outreach project called Battersea Stories. This has involved interviews and workshops with more than 120 residents, and has been part-funded by a £500 grant from Big Local SW11. We have amassed a wealth of fascinating, entertaining and moving accounts, and are creating a professional show to bring these to life. Battersea Odyssey will be performed in Katherine Low Settlement during the Wandsworth Arts Festival. Audiences will be led on an interactive journey around the historic building, and will hear professional actors deliver real people’s Battersea stories, in their own words. It will be a vibrant urban tale about notions of home, belongings and change, focusing on some of the interconnected life stories that emerged from our outreach. We would like to create a professional video of Battersea Odyssey and of audience responses to it. We will use the video to extend the life and reach of this outreach project by it in schools, community groups and care homes and making it available to local libraries and heritage centres.


* Esther Clevely, Senior Youth Worker Providence House – £610
We have identified the need to begin an after school provision in the local area for young people ages 6-13 to come from the hours of 3:30 – 5:30pm. The club will provide a space to play, complete homework, learn life skills such as cooking and take part in structured discussions. We would also like to employ tutors to deliver a rolling programme of engaging and more specialists workshops such as dance, art, drama, sports to keep a level of engagement and introduce the children to more diverse pastimes then may already have access to. This is something Providence House has long wanted to support however due to lack of funding and staffing we have been unable to do so. The project will be supported by local volunteers and some of the money applied for will go towards covering expenses as well as resources for activities and tutor fees.


* Melissa Martin, Creative Arts School – £1, 000
My project is about helping children under 10 that cannot afford to do creative arts at school or with any other outside company like Stagecoach or Italia Conti. We provide reduced rates that parents can afford each term. We have started off musical theatre. Then hopefully we will move to offer classes like street dance, drama as that is a popular demand in the area.


In making grant awards to the successful applicants in this round, there remained unallocated money in the grant pot. The panel agreed this money would be used for Quick Wins Spring Grant 2015 projects.


To find out more and apply for a Quick Wins Spring Grant 2015 click here Completed Applications must be received by 5pm on Thursday, 26thMarch 2015